Digital Frame by CastHub

Transform any TV into a Beautiful Digital Frame

Transform Any TV into a Stunning Digital Photo Frame – Share Photos, Videos, and Family Calendars with Loved Ones Across All TVs in All Your Families. Easy Setup, User-Friendly Interface, and Private Sharing Within Your Family.

Bringing Your Favorite Moments to Life
Digital Frame TV

How Digital Frame TV Works

Simple Setup, Endless Memories

Turn Any TV into a Digital Frame

With DigitalFrameTV, you can easily transform any existing TV into a stunning digital frame. No need for extra hardware or complicated installations.

Multi-Family Connectivity

Sync photos and videos across multiple TVs, allowing family members in different locations to share and enjoy memories in real-time.

Interactive and Informative

Manage your family calendar and kids' chores seamlessly on your TV. Keep everyone organized and connected.

Meet Digital Frame by CastHub

Discover, Learn, Connect

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Key Features

Why Choose DigitalFrameTV?

“Every Memory Deserves a Big Screen”



Easy to Use

Versatile Use Cases

Brings Families Closer by Turning Moments into Memories


Leverage your existing TVs—no need to purchase additional digital frames. All features are available without extra subscription fees.

High-Quality Display

Enjoy crisp and clear displays of your photos and videos in high resolution, making every moment look stunning.

User-Friendly Interface

Our app is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Share, like, and manage your photos with just a few taps.

Versatile Use Cases

Perfect for sharing memories, enhancing home decor, and even keeping the family organized with calendars and chore charts

Why Not Social Media?

Dedicated Solution for Cherished Memories

Social media photos often get lost in endless scrolling. DigitalFrameTV ensures your precious moments are always front and center, displayed beautifully on your TV for everyone to enjoy.

Unlike social media, where your images and media are owned and controlled by the platform, DigitalFrameTV keeps your pictures and videos within the family. Enjoy complete control over your photos, knowing they are safe and private, shared only with your loved ones.

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